Constitution And By-Laws of The Double O family

The Dragon Book Laws

We the member of the Double O Family, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure Peace and Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Double O Family.

Article I: The constitutional hierarchy

  1. The High table Member
  2. The Round Table Member
  3. The Special Member
  4. The General Member
Section I:

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in the hand of the High Table member from who, every major decision making shall be enacted and consulted upon.

Section II: 

The Round Table members shall be composed of Members chosen from the special members in accordance to the votes conducted beforehand and with the final consent of the high table members.

Section III:

The Special member shall consist of pin members who have, in the bare minimum, paid an honorary fee of 1$ for the purpose of funding in the family. It is to be duly noted that special member must be a pin holder at all cost.

Section IV:

The general member shall consist of majority of the family who can indulge in any service and opportunities provided by the organization, subject to some minor rules and regulations thereby.

Article II: Rules of recruitment

Section I:  The High Table Member

It is to be noted that members, who are willing to make a contribution to the family cause financially (with a minimum sum of 500$) may be eligible to become a member of the High Table. He/She will be subjected to every services and facilities associated with the family and will have a strong role in managing all family affairs. All rules enacted will go through the high table member first before being brought into action by other organization members.

Section II: The Round Table Member

The Round Table Member (or RTM in short) are subjected under the following laws of recruitment procedure…

  • He/She must, in the bare minimum, has 6 months of association with the Double O Family
  • He/She must be a Special member before being eligible to be a member of RTM
  • A session of voting will be conducted among other RTM members with High Table Member in charge of organizing the voting session. If he/she gets the majority of votes, only then is eligible for claiming the seat of RTM.
Section III: The Special Members

The special members are subjected under the following laws of recruitment procedure…

  • He/She must be a pin holder in order to apply for special member recruitment.
  • He/She must pay an honorary fee of 1$ (approximately 85taka) before applying for the special member recruitment procedure.
  • He/She must be willing to take an oath to preserve the secrecy and confidentiality of The Double O family.
Section IV: The General Members

The general members may be recruited from any mass of people, under the single condition that he/she is 19 years old in the minimum.

Article III: Rules of Conduct

Section I:  The Round Table Member

The RTM are subjected to following rules of conduct…

  • They must never misuse the information they have of other members.
  • They must attend at least 1 meetings every months and in case of absolute emergency, he/she can abstain form a meeting but must have a record of attending 2 meetings in 6 months in bare minimum.
  • Every details of the meeting conducted must be under absolute discretion.
    Failure to oblige so may result in termination of his/her seat in RTM.
Section II: The Special Member

The special member are subjected to following rules of conduct…

  • The special member must attend at least 1 gathering every 6-12 months, considering the fact that the gathering takes place in his/her respective district.
  • No eve-teasing will be tolerated among the special members, which may cause unwanted, uncomfortable situation in the family.
  • Each and every special member must be associated with any single faction, where he/she can utilize their talents to the fullest capabilities.
Section III: The General Members

The General members are subjected to following rules of conduct…

  • The general members must abide with the code of conduct and never express rude and unruly behavior towards other members. If they have any complains, they may consult respective special member of RTM for further inquiry.
  • If any member is inactive in the group chat or other social media for more than 2 weeks, they will be immediately banned, subjected to the following constraints that the individual does not have any proper reason behind his/her absence.
  • Each and every member is brothers and sisters of the family. As such , open relationship may be initiated with both parties’ consent, but it is to be noted that we are not a dating organization. With that in mind, any inappropriate behavior, comments and activities must be refrained in front of other members. Failure to oblige may result in immediate termination of membership.
  • An individual can apply for any faction, if and only if the leader of that faction is willing to take in new members for developing the faction.